Monday, January 24, 2011

Low Cost Senior Housing

My neighbor is an old man living by himself. He has been retired for at least 10 years I think. Recently he told me that he could not afford to pay the rent anymore. This was due to the stock market crash. He lost a lot of money and he has run out of money from his savings. Although he gets social security payments, it is barely enough to cover the cost of his food and other bills.

I suggested that he apply for low cost senior housing where the government would help him pay part of the rent. He seemed pretty keen on the idea. Given that he has small amounts of income, he was easily accepted into the government program. I told my neighbor to go look for a place that would be suitable for him. I told him that some of things he should look for in a place to live is whether it is a safe place and whether or not it has close access to transportation and shopping areas.

He did some research online and found some places where he would like to live. I drove him out to the places to check them out. The places seemed pretty good and it looked like a nice place to live. One of the places was even right next to a supermarket. This is really good because my neighbor can walk to the grocery store anytime. He would save a lot of time and money on gas. Plus he would get good exercise. He decided that this house would be the best place to live in.

He used the voucher that HUD gave him to pay the rent. He was able to save quite a bit of money by not having to pay full rent. This is definitely a wonderful program for those who are poor and old.