Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Medicare Assisted Living Facilities

If you are on Medicare and you are a senior, you may be wondering if you could live in Medicare assisted living facilities. This would mean that Medicare would pay for rent for living in the assisted living facility. Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for you to live in assisted living facilities because it is long term living. Medicare only pays for medically necessary nursing homes or home care.

If you are looking for long term care in an assisted living facility, then you would need to get Medicaid. Medicaid will pay for you to stay in an assisted living facility. To get Medicaid you have to be living close to the poverty level. Your income and assets are used to determine whether or not you get Medicaid. You may want to check with your state to make sure that it will pay for the assisted living facility.

Once you have figured out if the government will pay for you to stay in assisted living, you can then start searching for them. You can directly ask the state to give you a list of facilities that will accept Medicaid. When my father decided to live in the assisted living, we went to several facilities to check them out. We talked to many of the staff members to get a feel for the place. We also talked to many of the other seniors living there. We eventually decided on one facility where everyone living there seemed to be pretty happy. The facility was also close to the shopping area so my dad can just walk over to the shopping plaza whenever he wanted. It is good that I can leave him in capable hands. If you cannot find a facility that is close to a shopping area, it would be good if it was close to the bus line if you cannot drive.