Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HUD Senior Apartments

HUD senior apartments is a special type of senior housing where only seniors who have low income can live in. These types of low cost senior housing are regulated by HUD. Since many seniors live off of social security, most cannot afford to rent apartments. By subsidizing housing, HUD provides seniors with affordable senior housing.

There are many important aspects of finding HUD senior housing. The first aspect would of course be the price since you are looking for government senior housing. Most experts advise that your rent not exceed one third of your income. If you are not working anymore then you can move to places where the cost of living is low. A low cost of living means a lower rent that you’d have to pay. Most cities in the South have a lower cost of living than the North, so if you’re not tied to anything, consider moving.

Another aspect of government senior housing that you should consider is what the senior housing complex offers. Some HUD senior housing complexes offer more amenities than others. This in turn means you’ll pay much more if you decide to live in nicer housing. Although HUD subsidizes these senior housing, that does not mean they pay the entire rent. HUD only pays part of the rent so that the market rent for that particular class of housing is lower.

Also take into account the area where the HUD senior housing resides. Many seniors may not be able to drive so if you cannot drive, then you might want to find a place that is close to the shopping district. If the shopping plaza is not within walking distance, at least make sure that you live close to public transportation. This way you can easily get to the grocery store for your daily needs.